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  2020-12-01 15:19:06

Retrospective Serological Study Indicates Polio Vaccination Among Observed Population (100%) Produces Specific Humoral Response with Cross-Reactivity Against SARS-Cov-2

KUALA LUMPUR, 01 December 2020 - Ho Wah Genting Berhad (“HWGB” or the “Company”) (Bursa Stock Code: 9601) today reports that its wholly owned subsidiary HWGB Biotech Sdn Bhd’s joint venture partner, US-based E-MO Biology Inc. (EBI), has conducted a study to review with a retrospective approach in order to better understand the pattern of the epidemics. It aims at looking for more evidence to indicate that the children's acquired immunity against SARS-CoV-2 through polio vaccination could set up the model for the benefit of the adult population in prevention against COVID-19.

In the retrospective study, EBI had completed serological study using ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method whilst serological studies using Western Blot method and neutralization method were 50% completed. 

Out of the 118 serum samples surveyed in conducting ELISA test, the results had shown that pediatric sera showed a slightly higher antigenic activity (ranging from a 20-50% increase), compared to the adult sera group. It is concluded that the poliovirus immunization boosts antigenic activity significantly between pre and post immunized among adults participated. Moreover, pre-immunization groups show a lower antigenic activity (30%) than post-immunization groups.

Out of the 81 samples surveyed in conducting Western blot test, 20 samples tested negative, and 61 tested positive (showing the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase band on Western blot). As such, the tests above conclude that the polio vaccination increases the production of RdRp antibodies within two weeks.

Lastly, neutralisation tests had shown that when children’s sera and post immunized adults sera were added to the weakened live Covid-19 virus, the test results showed 100% neutralization level against the protein of SARS-Cov-2, of which these findings are consistent with the ELISA and Western blot test results described earlier.

Results indicate that Polio booster inoculation in adults raises antibodies that recognize SARS-CoV-2 RdRp. The outcome of the study will be published in a scientific journal to further raise the awareness of the Polio Vaccine function in against SARS-CoV-2.

HWGB Biotech General Manager of Medical and Pharmaceutical Research, Dr.Yaman Walid Kassab said, “This retrospective study provides evidence that showed polio booster inoculation in adults would induce high level of neutralising antibodies that recognized SARS-CoV-2 RdRp. This is a critical milestone ahead of our first interim analysis from the Phase IV clinical trial.”

Ho Wah Genting Berhad (“HWGB” or the “Company”) is principally engaged in investment holdings and the provision of management services to its subsidiaries. The Company had on 30 June 2020 diversified its existing businesses to include healthcare-related industry which mainly involved in Health Supplement, Biotechnology and Health Technology. In addition, the Company and its subsidiaries (“HWGB Group” or the “Group”) are also engaging in the businesses of Investment holdings; manufacturing of wires and cables and moulded power supply cord sets and cable assemblies for electrical and electronic devices and equipment; Trading of wires and cables; and travel agent and tour related services.

HWGB Biotech Sdn Bhd, was incorporated on 18 June 2012 under the Companies Act, 1965 under the former name of HWG Consortium Sdn Bhd and changed to its current name on 22 May 2020. HWGB Biotech is principally involved in the ddistribution of all kinds of biotechnology products, bioinformatics diagnostic tools, all medical engineering equipment along with software developments and tools as well as to patent all original products and by-products, technologies and software developed or sourced by the company.

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Dr.Yaman Walid Kassab is an assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy. He obtained his PhD in Clinical Pharmacy at University Science Malaysia (USM) in 2013. He possesses 7 years of experience in the academia, specifically in the pharmacotherapy field. He is actively involved in medical research and publication and has published more than 40SCOPUS/ISI indexed research papers and has supervised more than 50 research projects and 20 postgraduate research students. He is also serving as an editorial Board member of several reputed international journals like “Frontiers in Pharmacology”, “Archives of Pharmacy Practice (APP)” , “Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Innovation (JMPI)” , ”Annals of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases” , “Updates in Public Health and Preventive Medicine” He has been a member of many international professional bodies such as International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology in CANADA, Syndicate of Syrian Pharmacists, Malaysian Association of Education in Medicine & Health Sciences, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society.
E-Mo Biology Inc (“EBI”) was incorporated in the state of California in the United States of America on 24 May 2020. It is principally involved in conducting biology research and development activities and is the sponsor of a study which indicates booster polio vaccine to reduce Covid-19 SARS-COV-2 infection and severity.
EBI is founded by Dr. Xie QiYi, who serves as its Managing Director of EBI. He has over 30 years of experience in areas of public health and infection disease control. He was also involved in the development of medical and diagnostic devices, with focus on Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs for quality systems.