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  2020-12-29 08:47:22


KUALA LUMPUR, 29 December 2020HWGB Biotech Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as HWG Consortium Sdn Bhd) (“HWGB Biotech”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ho Wah Genting Berhad (“HWGB” or the “Company”) (Bursa Stock Code: 9601), today announce the Company have successfully registered as a supplier on the Medical Products HUB of Nihao Global Corporation Limited (“Nihao Global”) and will be able to distribute medical devices and products accredited by World Health Organisation (“WHO”) for global market.

Following the announcement made on HWGB’s digital expansion plan on 20 November 2020, the Company secured a global partnership with Wenzhou OJA Biotechnology Co. Ltd.’s (“WOJA”) to promote their medical devices and products (‘OJAbio test kit’). The successful registration as a supplier on the Medical Products HUB will pave the way for the Company to distribute the OJAbio test kit, which is a rapid point-of-care cheek swab test using the Colloidal Gold Method, to the global market which includes Asia, America and Europe.

Chief Executive Officer of HWGB, Dato’ Aaron Lim said: “The registration of HWGB Biotech on the HUB will allow us optimize our sales channel for our medical devices and products throughout the world”.
“This is an important move by the Company as we are also looking to explore global partnerships to promote other medical-related products that we have via a global digital distribution platform. The HUB registration will help facilitate sales of our products and devices globally while also strengthening our digital presence”.

HWGB Biotech Sdn Bhd, was incorporated on 18 June 2012 under the Companies Act, 1965 under the former name of HWG Consortium Sdn Bhd and changed to its current name on 22 May 2020. HWGB Biotech is principally involved in the distribution of all kinds of biotechnology products, bioinformatics diagnostic tools, all medical engineering equipment along with software developments and tools as well as to patent all original products and by-products, technologies and software developed or sourced by the company.
For more information on about HWGB Biotech, follow us on,, Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram to view the latest updates about our company ventures in the healthcare industry.

World Health Organization had joined the HUB since 23 October 2020. Please refer to the website below for more information:

Nihao Global (“Nihao” or the “Company”) is a unique independent service company where East meets West. Not only are their management have a mix of Eastern and Western style, so do their systems, thinking and operations. The Company combines the best of both East and West service standards to deliver a seamless service. Nihao provides skilled consulting & bilingual human resources to work effectively within China’s unique business environment.