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  2021-01-25 02:41:05


KUALA LUMPUR, 19 JANUARY 2021 – Ho Wah Genting Berhad's (''HWGB'' or the “Company”) (Bursa Stock Code: 9601) obtained a full pharmaceutical product registration approval for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Astramern Sdn Bhd (“Astramern”)’s products, Astramern Astra H from the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Health of Malaysia. The NPRA’s full approval for the health supplement and traditional medicine granted for the maximum period of five years and renewable thereof.

As part of HWGB diversification plan to move into the healthcare business, the approval by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) is the next milestone after the appointment of San Diego based and Nasdaq-listed Guardion Health Sciences, Inc (GHSI) to design and manufacture two health supplements, Astramern Nutra V and Astramern Astra H.

The Astramern Astra H comes in capsule form and containing specially formulated Chinese herbs, which will help to boost the body’s immune system to fight off nasty germs. The key ingredient of the health supplement is the Astragalus extract, which is commonly known for its efficacy in traditional Chinese medicine. The Astragalus is an herbal supplement known to enhance the immune system and alleviate inflammation. It also helps to treat certain heart conditions, kidney ailments and many more. The Astramen Astra H also contains Ginger root extract that is high in gingerol, and also Licorice extract which have properties to soothe stomach ailments, cleanses the respiratory system while also able to ease the pressure from stress and complement cancer treatment.

HWGB Biotech's General Manager, Medical & Pharmaceutical Research, Dr. Yaman Walid Kassab said: “Having announced that we are diversifying into the healthcare-industry in early 2020, this agreement reflects our commitment in contributing to our healthcare sector”.
“We are excited having obtained this product registration full approval at a timely manner. People of all ages are getting more health conscious than ever before, and this approval is key in getting the Astramern Astra H dietary supplement into the market for distribution”.

“The Astramern Astra H is able to benefit people of all ages who are at risk for viral infections. We also design the health supplement so that people of all ages and background will be able to enjoy its benefit, as we ensure that it does not contain any animal byproducts and is certified Halal for our Muslim comrades” he added.

Ho Wah Genting Berhad (“HWGB” or the “Company”) is principally engaged in investment holdings and the provision of management services to its subsidiaries. The Company had on 30 June 2020 diversified its existing businesses to include healthcare related industry which mainly involved in Health Supplement, Biotechnology and Health Technology. In addition, the Company and its subsidiaries (“HWGB Group” or the “Group”) are also engaging in the businesses of Investment holdings; manufacturing of wires and cables and moulded power supply cord sets and cable assemblies for electrical and electronic devices and equipment; Trading of wires and cables; and travel agent and tour related services.
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The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), formerly known as the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), was set up in October 1978 under the quality control activity of Pharmacy and Supply Programme. This institution was established to implement quality control on pharmaceutical products. The infrastructure and facilities were designed to meet the requirements for testing and quality control activities. Beginning in 1985, NPRA was given the task of ensuring the quality, efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals through the registration and licensing scheme. This is achieved through evaluation of scientific data and laboratory tests on all products before they are marketed. The NPRA was given an international recognition by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a "WHO Collaborating Centre for Regulatory Control of Pharmaceuticals". This recognition is an acknowledgement from WHO for NPRA's contribution in the field of regulatory affairs.

Guardian (Nasdaq: GHSI) is a specialty health sciences company that develops medical foods and medical devices in the ocular health space and develops nutraceutical products that the Company believes provide supportive health benefits to consumers. Located in San Diego, the company combines targeted nutrition with innovative, evidence-based diagnostic technology. Guardion boasts one of the most impressive Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards in the world and is led by seasoned business executives with many years of experience. This combination of expertise and scientific knowledge places Guardion into a leadership position within the eye care industry and the nutrition marketplace.